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we have learned over the years that no single treatment is a panacea for a complex \ problem like dependency.

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our treatment is customised to the client’s needs, background, lifestyle and severity of the problem. While we offer a whole range of treatments, we also determine ones which will be favourably received and followed by the client.

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We’ve got everything you need to medically supervised detox


We understand detox is a painful and heart-wrenching experience, which is why we conduct our detox program at any of the state-of-the-art hospitals.


Prehab is basically a headstart. One of the saddest truths is an addict / Cocain can be tied up, starved, beaten, locked up, prayed over.


We focus on drug dependency issues – however whilst under our care if the client has some other specific medical needs those can be accommodated.


Our recharge program is perhaps the greatest breakthrough in our treatment process. In a protected environment, an addict can easily stay away from his nemesis.

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We love with 100% Confidential Service.

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Enjoy drug free happy life.

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Enjoy Relax Life and enjoy the health

Win Bettle Against Drug

Get a power to win bettle against drug.

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Rehab has been honored with these clients

I came to the center long ago after an accident and I received the physical therapy from the therapists very well especially in individual exercises. In terms of residence: I did not notice the distance from my family.

Thank you All! A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, you have all been very instrumental in his journey to recovery.

Thank you for treating me like your own father, and I appreciate you all as my sons and daughters.

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